Recent investments include farms in Vermont, Minnesota, Iowa, New York, and Illinois – mostly for young farmers expanding their operations, whether they be specialty grains, pastured dairy or livestock. Over 70% of the farms leased by Iroquois Valley Farms are to millennial tenants, utilizing the company’s Young Farmer Land Access Program. Consequently, the company and its member investors are well positioned to benefit from the growth of local and organic foods produced by an expanding base of mostly young farmers. According to Co-Founder, Dr. Stephen Rivard, the prescription for success is simple, “Healthy food is good medicine and good business.”

By supporting a range of educational, local foods and sustainable agriculture initiatives, the company has developed a broad pipeline of prospective tenants and is continuously financing farmland for these regenerative organic family farmers. While past performance is no guarantee of future results, long term investors have been consistently rewarded with the growth of their capital.