Foundations, Family Offices and College Endowments (new perspectives on sustainability from the farm)

“It is ironic to think that man might determine his own future by something so seemingly trivial as the choice of an insect spray.” – Rachel Carson, Silent Spring

Searching for the investment thesis that supports the field of sustainable agriculture? If your portfolio is under allocated to sustainably farmed real assets, then you might want to read “Welcome to the Dystopia! Entering a Long Term and Politically Dangerous Food Crisis.”  Jeremy Grantham – GMO Qtrly July 2012.

Institutional investing in sustainably farmed lands is still in a developmental stage. For the most part, this has been an issue of scale, but growing opportunities exist to develop a diversified portfolio in this asset class. Recently we were acknowledged as a seasoned player in this field by Institutional Investor Magazine.

Family Offices

Connecting family farmers with family offices is a natural. Generations of families have been either tenants of the land or owners of it. As an intermediary, we help focus production in sustainable and healthy practices. Our company provides an easy way to gain exposure to  diversified portfolio of farmland properties with a direct upside connection to the growing business of local and organic farms.


Foundations can be agents of change for creating a more just and sustainable world. We are connected by impact with many foundations that want to support sustainable agriculture and the sociological and healthy benefits of fostering a new generation of farmers. Our Young Farmer Land Access Program is a leader in its field. Our pipeline of sustainable farmer opportunities is growing rapidly. We would like to see more foundations engage us to creatively address this crisis of farmland access for the next generation. Additionally, we stand as a solution to global climate change.

College Endowments

There is perhaps no where in the world more aware of environmental and food sustainability issues than college campuses. We continue to address and engage young farmers in their educational settings. Many colleges that are developing schools of environmental sustainability or agriculture, are also looking for ways to align their endowment portfolios with their academic programing. At a time of economic stagnation and political gridlock, many professors are looking for new solutions that can can galvanize and enlighten their students and community. Growing healthy foods/soils is one way to make a difference in our world.


Iroquois Valley Farms is geared to scale and succeed many transitional or trading ownership entities formed to impact sustainable agriculture. We are …. a growth stock for the next generation.