Want to support sustainable agriculture?
Want to support small and mid-sized family farmers?
Want to diversify your investment portfolio into real assets — farmland?

Iroquois Valley Farms provides a uniquely corporate and indefinitely scalable equity investment opportunity for investors that want to make a difference while making a return on capital. The socially responsible Company follows triple bottom line principles looking for social, environmental, and financial returns. Using Rule 506(c) of Regulation D as regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission, Iroquois Valley Farms raises money from individuals, family offices, foundations and other institutional investors that meet the definition of Accredited Investors (as defined by Rule 501(a) of the Securities Act).

Soil Restoration Notes
In February 2017, Iroquois Valley Farms launched the Soil Restoration Notes, a new conservation finance tool that allows investors to directly facilitate the organic transition while still making a safe investment supported by real assets: organic farmland. Under the terms of the Soil Restoration Notes, investors make fixed income investments into Iroquois Valley Farms and receive interest on the principal. In addition to the interest payments, this note will also fund an organic transition pool specifically designed to assist the transition process and, in turn, support soil regeneration by enabling more restorative agriculture. Click here for a summary term sheet. For the full offering documents please contact us at subscriptions@iroquoisvalleyfarms.com. The current Soil Restoration Note offering is available for accredited investors, but we plan to have an investment option available for non-accredited investors—all investors—later this year.

Equity Offering
Iroquois Valley released its equity offering in March 2017, enabling investors to directly support the growth of the organic food movement by supporting regenerative organic farmers. Iroquois Valley Farms, recently incorporated as the U.S.’s first organic family farmer REIT, is a restorative farmland finance company providing land access to primarily next generation organic farmers.  Iroquois Valley REIT was established as a Public Benefit Corporation, whose public benefit is enabling healthy food production, soil restoration and water quality improvement through the establishment of secure and sustainable farmland access tenures. For full offering documents, please contact us at subscriptions@iroquoisvalleyfarms.com


Please review additional information for:
Individual Accredited Investors,
Financial Advisors, and
Foundations, Family Offices and College Endowments.