Sustainable Farmland in the Midwest – 1.3 million acres and growing

As the founder of the first private equity company devoted to Midwestern sustainable agriculture, I read a recent article in Financial Advisor Magazine titled “Organic Growth” with great interest. While I wholehearted agree with most of the West Coast discussion on organic opportunities, as a lifelong resident of the Midwest, I am pleased to inform the public that sustainable agriculture is also alive and growing here in the heartland. In fact, a quick review of USDA statistics shows that the Midwest has more farmland and pasture lands in organic production than the entire West Coast. It would be a surprise to these thriving businesses (and a non-issue) that they are operating in a “bubble”. I can assure you that bubbles are not a major concern of our local and organic producers, no more than falling into the Pacific is impacting West Coast organic production.

The old agriculture adage of never putting all your eggs in one basket is certainly appropriate advice for the thousands of financial advisors represented by Financial Advisor Magazine — including those in the “bubble” of the Midwest. If FA’s are looking to diversify client funds in this growing field, they should consider Iroquois Valley Farms LLC, which already has a solid 5 year track record of converting farmland to organic production — and is seeded and rooted in the middle of Illinois conventional agriculture. When you combine these gritty organic farm beginnings with the best soils in the world and access to fresh water, it’s common sense that sustainable investment opportunity exists in the heartland. If one wants be a change agent, then consider the huge market available in the Midwest to convert production to more local and organic alternatives. Much of our market is still composed of small and mid-size family farm operations. The Midwest is blessed with many generations of such family farms and we are tremendously excited to support their growing and diverse businesses. Come visit the heartland and view the staggering opportunities in sustainable agriculture.

David Miller, CEO, Iroquois Valley Farms LLC

Iroquois Valley Farms LLC was incorporated Illinois in 2007 to enable new capital for the production of local and organic foods.  For more information, see our website: