Iroquois Valley Farms LLC is a food and farmland company making impact investments in local and organic agriculture following triple bottom line principles. Formed in 2007, Iroquois Valley Farms was the first socially responsible farmland company in the United States focused on supporting sustainable food production and the mid-size family farmer. Iroquois Valley Farms is committed to preserving farmland, facilitating organic land management practices, supporting local food markets, providing land access opportunities to family farmers and creating values-based agriculture investment opportunities. Offering a uniquely corporate and indefinitely scalable opportunity to benefit from the production of healthy and nutritious foods, the Company has purchased over 4,000 acres of farmland, all of which is certified organic or in transition to organic production. The owned farmland is leased through long term tenancies to farmers that are independently operating their own family farm business. Corporate revenues and profitability are directly connected to the growing businesses of these farmers.

We built our business to support the businesses of our farmers.”  David Miller, Co-Founder and CEO

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Recent purchases include farms in Michigan, Maine, New York, Kentucky, Illinois and Indiana – mostly for young farmers expanding their local and organic foods and dairy production. Over 70% of the farms leased by Iroquois Valley Farms are to millennial tenants, utilizing the company’s Young Farmer Land Access Program. Consequently, the company and its member investors are well positioned to benefit from the growth of local and organic foods produced by an expanding base of mostly young farmers. According to Co-Founder, Dr. Stephen Rivard, the prescription for success is simple, “Healthy food is good medicine and good business.”

By supporting a range of educational, local foods and sustainable agriculture initiatives, the company has developed a broad pipeline of prospective tenants and is continuously purchasing farmland for lease to these sustainable family farmers. While past performance is no guarantee of future results, long term investors have been consistently rewarded with the growth of their capital.

The company is committed to the triple bottom line — social responsibility, environmental soundness, and economic viability. We are pleased that this commitment has been recognized: Iroquois Valley Farms obtained Certified B Corporation status in 2012 and has been chosen by Impact Assets as a participant in its Impact 50 (IA50) listing of worldwide impact investments for both 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015.